Breakdown Tips

Many different situations and circumstances can result in you needing a new part for your vehicle – some more simple than others.

If you are lucky enough to live in close proximity to where you work and only use your car for relatively short journeys, then it’s unlikely you’ll ever find yourself in a sticky situation. If however you regularly travel long distances, be it to work or for other purposes, then it is a good idea to be prepared for any situations that may come your way.

It is all well and good finding out you need a replacement part for your second hand Volvo XC90 when you break down 5 minutes from you house, but what about if you are half way down the motorway?

There are several things you can do before you set off to prepare yourself should you encounter a problem on your way.

Keep A Road Map – It is always a good idea to have a road map or an atlas in your car in case you break down in an area you are not familiar with. Most premium brands, such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi amongst many others, will provide satellite navigation systems as standard with new cars, but this won’t be of much use if you break down. Additionally, even if you have a smart phone you cannot rely on the fact you will get signal. A hard copy of a road map is the safest bet.

Ensure Your Phone Is Charged – It is always wise to make sure that your phone has full battery before you set off on a long journey. Of course there will be some situations where you won’t get signal but if you can make a phone call it will be a huge help – the AA won’t know you’ve broken down if you can’t get through to them!

Carry A Waterproof Jacket And Something Reflective To Wear – This will come in particularly handy if you happen to break down in bad weather, and the reflective clothing is essential if you have to get out of your vehicle on the hard shoulder (both for your safety and that of other motorists). Crossover cars such as the Audi Q7 or the Nissan Juke are handy in these situations as they generally offer large boots with ample space to store this extra clothing.