Many car owners see their cars as a single object which functions as a whole; if the car breaks down, the whole car has a problem. Yet this is not the case, cars work how they do as a result of hundreds of intricate and specific pieces and parts, nut and bolts. All these parts and pieces are very much in a delicate balance, so should one part begin to malfunction or undergo damage, the functionality of other cars may then become hampered or limited and in turn you entire car ‘breaks down’. In the instance of a breakdown many drivers pay a lot of money to make their broken down car someone else’s problem.

Whilst taking your car to the garage is the obvious course of action in the event of a breakdown, it may not be the best course of action with regards to cost, time or your knowledge of what car parts your car actually needs. The beauty of finding the replacement parts you need to repair your car is that it gives you a greater understanding of the vehicle you own, and even if you do end up having to take your car to a garage or a mechanic, you are made less vulnerable to any unnecessary charges or trickery to get you to shell out more cash. Hopefully though you won’t even need to take your vehicle to the garage as with the right tools and parts you should be able to replace any damaged parts yourself, bringing your car back to its original glory.

Additionally, don't just assume that you can only save money this way by purchasing parts for a high end vehicle such as a used BMW 7 Series - this method is just as effective for small family models and city vehicles.